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Trianle Skeptics in the (Virtual) Pub – Belief in Psychics: What’s the Harm?

19 ledna @ 18:00 - 20:00


What’s the harm in people believing in psychics and mediums? It’s all fun and games, isn’t it?
Well, until you lose your life savings to a con-artist, and your life is destroyed. In this talk, Rob Palmer will reveal the consequences – up to personal financial ruin – that frequently befall the vulnerable victims of these predators. The presentation will provide real-world examples of this type of crime, show why these beliefs are so prevalent in the 21st century, explain why it is easy for most anyone to become a victim, and discuss the battle being waged by skeptical activists to fight this largely unrecognized scourge.

Zakládající člen podcastu, člen Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia, otec jednoho nového člověka, televizní postprodukce povoláním. A k tomu ho platí i BigPharma a Soros.


19 ledna
18:00 - 20:00
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